“Anyone can sell as long as the process of doing so is meticulously planned and well organized. “

Hi I’m Carolina

I’m an Ex-Investment Banker living in Switzerland and I’ve been building B2B sales strategies and processes for the past 10 years.

I firmly believe that selling has not much to do with talent. Anyone can sell as long as the process of doing so is meticulously planned and well organized. My mission with this blog is to help you create a manageable sales plan, an easy to implement sales process and to make you feel confident to attack your core market and see your business grow.

Why is sales so important?

Whether you’re running an interior design boutique, founding a fashion brand or working in Sales at a bank: Sales is the key driver of your business and therefor your career. Only by selling your services, products and your persona, income is generated, and salaries can be paid.

The problem is often that even though business owners and sales managers know their sales pitch, they lack clarity on the structure of their actual sales process. You might think this is may not be the case in larger organizations, but I am here to tell you from experience, that even these corporations can have unstructured sales processes.

Many business owners and sales managers (including relationship managers at banks) lose out on opportunities, due to the number of prospects and clients. Your capacity to manage a certain amount of contacts without structure is limited and can be easily increased by simply organizing them for example with a good Client Relationship Management Software (CRM).

A bit more about me

After first working at a business to business (B2B) Currency Exchange Broker, my career evolved considerably over the following decade, including positions at Swiss Private Banks and Asset Managers. At the bank I had the chance to develop a new account management team and design acquisition processes. These experiences gave me the ability to improve existing sales processes and create new, more efficient ones. Many years later when I was hired to develop a new client segment for an Asset Manager, I realized how much I enjoyed building new business models and grow the client base into new markets. I will use this entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge and skills in the area of sales to help your business strive and feel at ease with your sales processes.

I continuously invest in education to pass the knowledge on to you: I currently am an ALB candidate at Harvard University, Extension School and have earned the credential of readiness “CORe” from HBX, Harvard Business School. Switzerland, my core market, has four official languages (German, French, Italian, Retro Romanic) and is home to a large number of internationally relevant businesses. Thanks to my language skills I am able communicate with you in English, French, German, Swiss German, Spanish or Portuguese (BR).

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